2 Pcs Jelly Soft Silicone Gel Powder Puff Sponge

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We are so excited to bring you a new game changing product that will transform the way you apply your cream products.

Never waste product again!

    • APPLY MAKEUP NATURALLY & UNIFORMLY: Gives flawless foundation application every single time. Put makeup on like a pro - evenly distributes makeup so no areas with too much or too little coverage.
  • NO SUCTION FOUNDATION: Since it's not a traditional makeup sponge, you won't soak up unnecessary large amounts of your expensive makeup! You'll simply use what you need! Perfect tool for foundation, concealer, blush, highlighter. Can be used for other makeups as well, use get a little creative!
  • SMOOTH AND SOFT LIKE BABY SKIN: Make with top Medical grade silicone and TPU film. Hypoallergenic - best for ANY skin type, No irritate your face at all!
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Teardrop-shaped design makes it easier for your makeup more comfortable, our products will never scratch your eye skin, we let your makeup simple process more comfortable. Don't believe other designs on the market, they are fake!
  • CLEANS EASILY WITH WATER: The makeup washes right off our premium silicone material. Similar to the Silisponge, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!


    1. Use applicator dry for best results
    2. Quick dabbing motions and bounce to finish the look
    3. Pat powder onto face
    4. Use half or less than your typical amount of foundation
    5. Wash after each use

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